Complete separate application for each adult tenant.

In compliance with State and Federal Housing Guidelines, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, physical disability, familial status, sexual orientation or natural origin.

RENTAL APPLICATION MUST BE PROCESSED FOR EVERY APPLICANT 18 YRS. OR OLDER. The application fee is $40.00 per applicant. The application fee is non-refundable and must be delivered to the manager in a money order or cashier check. NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

What you will need to provide in order for your applications to be processed:

  • Photo ID and a valid Social Security Number (A passport may be substituted with Management Approval)
  • Proof of Income:
    You will need to provide at least two of the following documents: (2 most recent pay check stubs, letter from employer, or current bank statements showing proof of income such as direct deposit) Other acceptable forms of verifiable income may include: (Child support, social security, GI benefits pension plan, disability, trust fund, etc.)

NOTE: Self-employed individuals may provide their current year tax return, and 3 months of current bank statements.
Please fill out the application thoroughly and completely, to ensure your application is processed quickly and accurately.

ATTENTION: Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.


  • Eviction by a previous landlord for cause.
  • Conviction of manufacturing, using and or distributing a controlled substance and or persons who have been involved in the illegal use of firearms, thefts and/or acts which resulted in bodily injury to another person or persons
  • Falsification of any information on the rental application.
  • Unresolved debt with previous landlord.
  • A holding deposit returned for non-sufficient funds. Once approved, A SECURITY DEPOSIT will be required.

NOTE: The required amount of security deposit is subject to change in conjunction with application approval.

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Applicant represents that the statements made are true and correct and authorizes owners verification of credit, income and references. Applicant agrees to pay for said verification via check or money order made payable to the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, which shall accompany this application. Such payment is a part of the application process and is a charge for the administrative costs of application consideration. If Applicant's check is returned "NSF", applicant shall be liable for the charge on demand. The undersigned makes application to rent housing accomodations designated as:

I hereby apply to rent/lease Apartment No. at

for $ per month and upon approval of my Application and signed Rental Agreement, I agree to pay the first month's rent of $ and a security deposit in the amount of $ .

Applicant Signature Check to Sign Date

For purposes of credit & rent liability only: LIST ALL ADDITIONAL ADULTS AND CHILDREN WHO WILL OCCUPY UNIT. Please put "F" for full time or "P" for part time after each name.
 If this box is checked there shall be no additional occupant(s).


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CREDIT REFERENCES (Credit Cards/Car Payments/Other Loans)

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